Our impact

What are we doing?

    • We try to use sustainable cleaning products where we can.
    • We do all our own laundry, reducing electricity use as much as possible.
    • We trying to move away from providing small, individual bottles of shower gel and shampoo and researching locally-made refillable solutions.
    • We control the power supply to our properties with magnetic cards, eliminating the risk of a guest leaving on the A/C by accident.
    • We have recycling information in all the houses.

In some of our properties we have a little more control over the positive steps we can take. For instance, in the Alekos Beach Resort complex (the houses of Aspasia, Maria Christina, Alexandros and Eleanna) we have taken further steps, including:

    • Researchable batteries in all the remote controls
    • Dual-flush toilets
    • We add more plants to our garden every year, and we water the gardens with brackish well water to minimize any burden on the island’s reservoirs
    • 75% of our air-conditioning units are inverters, which have excellent energy efficiency. In addition, 2 of the 4 houses are fully insulated, increasing energy efficiency.
    • We use solar power to heat water We have an annual pre-season clean of the beach at our property, and take responsibility for the stewardship of the shallow waters around the property. When we fish, we take care to catch only what we will eat.
    • We provide bicycles to our guests to reduce the need for cars and taxis, and provide carbon-neutral equipment such as SUPs and canoes for our visitors.

What can you do while you’re here?

Travel around the island Please do take the time to visit other parts of this beautiful island and enjoy all the local delights that are on offer here. This is one benefit of a self-catering holiday – your support goes to our local communities. Rent a car or take the ferry from Lixouri to Argostoli for a day or night out. You can also rent bikes locally.

Water use

Please be conscious of the water you use. As an island we have a limited supply! Please don’t leave taps running, and if you have a wash basin of water, please consider watering the garden instead of pouring it down the drain! And please take a refillable water bottle with you for your day out so you don’t need to keep buying the small plastic bottles as you travel around.

Waste & recycling

The rubbish collection in our area is from roadside skips. The blue ones are for recycling – please try to use them correctly to help us with our infrastructure on the island.

Be careful with fire

Please don’t use naked flames, BBQ or drop matches. Fires are a real hazard, especially in the hot, dry summers, and they start incredibly easily. Fires are terribly destructive, to our landscape, our safety and our livelihoods.

Towels & linen

Please keep bathroom towels off the beach and suntan lotions off the sheets – this way we can do the laundry at more sustainable temperatures.

Local organisations

We have various local organisations and charities committed to supporting and nurturing the fragile ecosystems on the island. Many people visiting Kefalonia want to volunteer their time with a local charity.

Buy local produce

Buy local! Visit the small market stalls dotted around Lixouri and the rest of the island. Visit the wineries instead of the supermarkets. And explore all the local delicacies around Kefalonia. You’ll be reducing the impact of food importation while supporting the local producers. Most of the local restaurants and taverns close to our houses are locally-owned and run by families from the area. They source most of their produce locally, or grow their own vegetables. Don’t underestimate the impact your custom has on them and their families.

Air travel is, of course, having a massive negative impact on our planet. We encourage you to consider traveling to the island by alternative routes if you can.

Please explore the options on sustainable travel here.